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Regional Doubles 2003
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Regional Doubles 2003

Fox and Hounds Petanque Club

The regional doubles 2003 was held at the Burnham CC near Slough. The temperature reaching over 100degrees/f, not a nice day to play petanque. However, our teams came away happy after a good day.
Our first team in the competition was Helen Blackall and Dave Vickery. This was the first 'full' season that these two players have had playing petanque, and they did very well. Although not winning thier first five games, the team got many compliments from other players about how well they played, and how far they have come. In the end after an exhausting day, the team (called 'Aunty and Grandad') won 1 in 6 games.
The next team was the Foxes, consisting of Steve Robbins and Tony Brown did not have as good day. Despite and winning all day, both players played well, and did have an effect on the winners of the competition, by taking three points of the harrow team, which lead to the Two P's winning.
Our thrid team were Fox and Hounds Juniors, who consisted of Matthew Blackall and Dave Winkworth. They had a very good morning, after winning two out of three games, however, lunch seemed to effect them as they lost the next two games, and did not play the last game.
The next team was the most talked about team of the event. 'It Takes Two' consisted of Alex and Laura Blackall, aged 10 and 13. Throughout the whole day, this team had to play the best teams there were. Despite losing all six of their games, all they got was praise from the opposistion, and from people watching, as Laura (13) produced an excellent pointing display, and Alex (10) shot and carreau the other team of the piste, at all lengths. It was onlybecause of the quality of the opposistion that lost them their games, and would have 'stuffed' any average team on the day.
The final Fox and Hounds team were the Kodiaks, Mark Blackall and Malcolm Hughes. Out of all our teams, the Kodiaks recieved the most wins, by winning 4 out of 6 games. In the end they also finished highest in the rankings by coming sixth, out of 20 teams.
The Fox and Hounds also had another player playing in the competition, as Aaron Plumly played with Graham Webb from St Marks. The team did well, with both players shooting and pointing very well. However, this only resulted in 1 win out of 6.
The winners in the end were Two P's, Phil Claydon and Paul Webb, with Harrow coming a close second.
But well done to all our teams and players who played in the competition, and good luck for the remainind competitions!

Soory we have no pictures yet.